Freezer HS-324CN

Model number: HS-324CN
Total Storage Volume: 249L
Warranty: 2 years
Price: 755 GEL
Model HS-324CN
Climate ClassN/SN/ST/T
Pretection Against Electric ShockI
Rated Voltage/Frequency220V-240/50Hz
Rated Power(W)/
Rated Defrost Power(W)/
Lamp Rated Power(W)/
Rated Current(A)1.4A
Foaming Agent/
Energy Comsumption(kW•h/24h)246kW·h/yr.
Energy Efficiency ClassA+
Total Gross Volume(L)249L
Gross Freezer Volume(L)249L
Total Storage Volume(L)249L
Freezer Storage Volume(L)249L
Freezing Capacity(kg/24h)12kg/24h
temperature rise value46h
Net Weight(kg)37
Gross Weight(kg)42
Noise (dB(A))41dB(A)
Product Dimensions(mm)(W*D*H)985*600*850
Carton Dimensions(mm)(W*D*H)1025*625*870
Packing Dimensions(mm)(W*D*H1)1025*625*885
Loading Capacity/40HQHS-324CN

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