Gas wall boiler L1PB20-C10SW

Model number: L1PB20-C10SW
Type: Gas wall boiler
Nominal Power input: 18/20 KW
In Stock
Price: 1550 GEL
Gas utilization pressurePA2000
Nominal Power inputKW18/20
min power inputKW7
Nominal power outputKW17.8
min power outputKW6
radiator heating tem-rangeheating ℃30~80
floor heating tem-range30~60
hot-water tem35~60
maximum e/power
heating pressurempa0.04~0.3
max heating pressurempa0.3
expansion tank volumel6
precharge pressure mpa0.1
hot-water pressurempa0.02~0.8
rated voltage/ frequencyv/hz220/50
maximum e/powerw110
waterproof level ipx4d
heating inletinchg3/4
hot-water inletinchg1/2
Gas inletinchg3/4
chimney diameter (optional) mmΦ60/Φ100

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