How Do I Choose The Air Condentioner?

WiFi Control

Additional function - App remote control. You can also control the air conditioner from your mobile phone.

To use the feature, download the app "Midea Air" via QR code from both Android and iOS systems.

Select modes 
choose the speed 
Turn off / on 
Set the timer 
Temperature control in sleep mode 
Counting the use of electricity

  • MSMA-09HRN1
  • MSMA-12HRN1
  • MSMA-18HRN1
  • MSMA-24HRN1
  • MA-09N8DO
  • MA-12N8DO
  • MA-18N8DO
  • MA-24N8DO
  • MT-12N1DO
  • MT-18N1DO
  • MT-24N1DO
  • MT-12N1DO-C
  • MT-18N1DO-C
  • MT-24N1DO-C
  • MT2-12N8D6

Also, you can share the app with your family members via the QR code.

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